Bottega dei Saperi e Sapori

The Residence has a shop in which you can find artisan products, organic wines, Slow Food certified products.
La Bottega proposes the sale of “Fair and solidal trade” products, artisan products made by small producers, organic producers and cooperatives. Food and wine require respect to the workers who have made them, environment and social sustainability, access to common natural resources /watre and earth) and the birth of a truly fair, supportive parallel market. Food and wine will be chosen on the basis of respect for the land, biodiversity and the passion of producers.
La Bottega “Saperi e Sapori”… to eat and drink … a life-style… an idea … a territory!

The routes of taste

With “Percorsi di saperi e sapori”; events on books, organic wine-tasting, artesan beers,
promotion of artesan and products of excellence