Knowledge and flavors

Knowledge and taste are the spaces in which materializes our gastronomic proposal for initiating a change, especially of conscience; and through knowledge rediscover the farming, food and wines “real” and “healthy”, with specific choices that are directed to responsible and sustainable consumption.
It starts from the knowledge to become more informed by retrieving all values of identity and tastes related to gastronomy real healthy. The food and wine require respect for the work of farmers and “craftsmen” of food and wine. Food and wine should be chosen on the basis of respect for the land, biodiversity and the passion of small producers.

The new agriculture seek to avoid damage and have more respect for the ecosystem. They will have to mend the broken relationship between the territories and the food production, give farmers control of genetic material for breeding, because “in defense strategies, conservation, use of agro-biodiversity, you cannot help but of farmers and their organizations”.
Behind a healthy food there is a healthy agriculture is the aim of AIAB.
AIAB is an Association of producers, technicians and citizen-consumers.
AIAB is the networking of the organic movement and represents primarily the interests of organic producers, through the promotion of organic farming as a model of sustainable development, based on the principles of preservation and exploitation of resources, environmental protection, animal welfare and health of the consumer. Organic farming is an alternative development model worldwide campaigns to “industrial agriculture” capable of addressing ecological behaviors of workers and citizens and, in particular, their approach to the method of production and consumption. The interests of organic producers relate to the interests of citizens-consumers and enhance the role and function of professional technicians in organic farming.

It is nature itself indicate that the alternative is not made of large production plans that generate waste and fail to respond to everyone’s right to food; is not made of convenience food, hyper-seasoned, salted, hyper-hyper-sweetened, hoard food without imagination, as if it weren’t culture, hadn’t even symbolic meanings, as if the scent of an olive oil, fried onions, a stew of beans couldn’t produce molecules able to awaken in us feelings and pleasures.