Welcome to ConVivio.
Convivio comes from cum vivere, living together. Simply and immediately, ConVivio proposes a synthesis of the art of of eating and that of living and sharing food. Food and life intertwine and mingle with each other.
The culture of food means knowing its origin, its history, the intelligence, the hard work and the passion which are found behind knowledge and healthy, wholesome tastes.
“ Promote and enhancing a terriroy with its products, promote and enhance products with its territory”, this is our proposal. Not a banal tavern but a place where territory and food artisans together contribute in a substainable and innovative way to save wholesome food and to place the basis to create an food communty uniting producers, restauranters and consumers.
TheConVivio wants to be the place for those who love to eat (and drink) well. We favor menus and specialties of the territory with a special attention to typology, quality, season, in order to promote mediterranean cooking, which is healthy, clean for the ebnironment and at the right price. Food will be offered at a fair price, guaranteed by environmentally sustainable production methods which also defend biodiversity.
Here you will find only typical products made by small producers (IGP,DOP and/or Slow Food certified), bearing food farming prodction chains which are safe and environment friendly. We have chosen to place in our menus green dishes since vegetables and legumes must be freed from the ghetto of side-dishes and from nutritionary culture, a last place in culinary hierarchy.
ConVivio is a place of sharing to live together, it is a place to recreate a hospitable climate typical of other times where human warmth and need to be together is like having friends at home.
The furniture is sober, a wise wine menu (also just in a calice or half bottles) and short menus with a great attention of prime materials, suppliers and the possibilty di share food of high quality.


The setting is “real”, not trendy or designed by an interior designer, popular amongst both young and old. At the tavern it isn’t important what surrounds the plate, we are interested only in what is in the plate. The kitchen for us is “femminine”, it is substance not appearance. It is not imposed or conceptualized as in the case of the trendy stellar chef world.
For us food and wine are chosen with respect to the land, biodiversity and the passion of small producers.
You drink only natural, organic wine at the tavern, no chemical additives, red and/or white wines in infinite combinations.
We don’t have a fixed menu, you eat what is available; certainly vegetables and home-made, artisan pasta, wholegrain bread, potato omelette, Belmonte tomatoes, legumes, sardines, eggplants, olives, blue fish, salted catalan codfish and season fruit.
Behind every good kitchen there is always a great farmer. In our case all produce are supplied by real and sincere people who farm without pesticides and fertilizers. The mediterranean diet is our identity, for food as well as in life-style.
Cold cuts and cheeses are to be limited but not avoided, to be eaten in the right serving size; we serve only cold cuts from non.intensive livestock of Calabria black pig. Pleasure and taste within a balanced diet with the right amounts of fibre, from cereals, and other nutrients of vegetable origin.
At the tavern there is no shouting, you don’t talk with nasty words such as spread, market, fusion, fashion etc tec. The tavern is a serious thing, antique motivations and emotions which involve the senses, taste and, above all, the need to be all together..
You don’t go to the tavern to be in a shop window, you go to be together and to share, ConVivio is inclusive not exclusive.
At the tavern the slogan is “Eatdrink less, eatdrink better”.
You go to the tavern because you believe in its ambience and its culinary proposal, not to enrich and laude the sorts of expensive food. Otherwise we would encourage trenders, masterchefs and all stellar chefs who are rigorously “male”. In the flavors of the village we find femminine personality traits which rise decisively and continuously, the knowledge and tastes of wholesome and good which we don’t want to abbandon.
Food and drink which are not consumed can be taken away. The good that goes away, no leftovers.


Enolibrobirreria “A Piazzetta”


The Enolibrobirreria (WineBeerBook tavern) “A Piazzetta” has selected a vast assortment of the best calabrese wines and some of the best artisanla beers. A few steps away from the Residence you can find the Fiumefreddo Omelette, finger food, cocktails but also full course dinner and lunch menus.
“A Piazzetta” offers a journey in tastes and flavours, to be appreciated together with friends or to make new friends in our open-air area in in Largo Salvatore Fiume.
Wine has always been part of our meals but also beer which can be savoured with finger food, as well as at lubch or dinner.
“A Piazzetta” let’s you discover calabrese wine and artisan beers which have been certified and recognized by Slow Wine Association and the Beer Guide alla scoperta del vino calabrese e delle birre artigianali che hanno ottenuto riconoscimenti da Slow Food Beer Guide 2016.
Our menu includes regional wines from organic producers and small wineries which represent the territory and testify how organic, natural production methods can be succesfully applied.


Regarding food: key words are identity, simplicity and understanding, with special attention to quality, local supply chain and products which are good for the environment, for health and at the right price. Food is fundamental to a healthy lif-style (
The Southern Cocktail is a special universe in which alcoholic beverages are combined with typical products, such as specific wines served together with crespelle (crepe), pitta china, polpette di melanzane (eggplant meatballs), frittata di patate (potato omelette), parmigiana, pecorino, Belmonte tomatoes, whole-wheat friselle and local black-pig salami.
It is a very rich cocktail, full of flavours, maybe more than that in a dinner, and it is the best way to fall in love with the local wine and food traditions.
For this reason, in the summer, it is served from late afternoon to late evening, with quick aperitiffs in a promotional tasting.
With a few euro, you will be able to have a wonderful eveneing with friends, eat and drink, a valid economical, alternative to dinner. Many choices of which the most appreciated are the local 0km specialties of the area and some Slow Food distributors.


Every evening a different wine: your wineglass will be accompanied by a wide selection of cold cuts of Nero di Calabria (all cut at the moment) or if yopu prefer by pecorino cheese and/or caprino cheese or caciocavallo.
You will find in our menu regional wines from organic wineries and from small producers who have an attention for the envirnoment. Their work represent a territory and how natural, organic concepts can be adopted to fertilize land and produce wine.
Our wine choice stem from an accurate choice based on rigorous research.We always give privilege small producers, for us they are artisan artitsts, who work directly in their business and can transmit to their win a special soul, besides exceptional quality. Every year we will enrich our offering with producers who don’t use chemical substances and produce natural, organic wines.
Artesan beer is different from industrial beer. It isn’t pasteurized, it doesn’t have preservatives, it doesn’t have chemical additives; it has prime choice ingredients, with a specific territorial character and identity.
The beer we offer, loved by locals and also unknown to the mass market, have historical recipes which have may famous Italian beer worldwide.

Some are served from the draft; serving this way we must remind ourselves that this is not a mecchanical or insignificant gesture. The lather is infact an integral and fundamental part of the beer. The compactness of lather indicates a higher quality. Good bber isn’t pasteurized or filtered!