Food and Wine route

For those who love the village under the sign of the beauty of good and healthy.

The good food that is healthy, the good food to eat. The ConVivio is a Tavern with a vegetable garden, a place to feel good, a place for people who eat together. We are not interested in the globality that makes us all the same we are not interested in experimentation, we are not interested in surprising with the trendy fusion we are interested in the raw material, what is inside the plate and not on the plate. We are interested in the simplicity of the kitchen of our mothers, the cuisine of traditions, the cuisine of how to eat once. Good, healthy, genuine, local products, with a short supply chain coming from an environmentally friendly agriculture.

In this village of Calabria, the ConVivio offers a welcoming, welcoming corner, with a lot of attention to the needs of those who want to taste genuine products prepared with love.

Our dishes want to tell the popular food and the meeting of traditional flavors with the desire to eat healthy and conscious. “To promote and enhance the territory with its products, promote and enhance the products with its territory”. Not a banal tavern, but a place where land and artisans of food and winemakers contribute in a sustainable way to save “the good food that is healthy” and to create a community of food against colonialism.