Enzo Spina path

In the historical center of Fiumefreddo Bruzio there are also masters of the crib, an art begun with Don Antonio Rotondo (long since disappeared) and today carried out by Enzo Spina, son of the artist Attilio Spina, skilled plastificatore. His artistic crib is located in via Manzoni and is composed of a series of terracotta works and characters. It represents Fiumefreddo in miniature and in addition to being realized with great attention to detail, the environments of the characters, inside it ,also there are represented scenes of Calabrian daily life, as well as biblical scenes, such as the massacre of the innocent or the representation of Hell (bizarre element inside a crib). Lastly, it is also equipped with a particular and suggestive lighting, which goes from day to night, in fact at first the nativity scene is illuminated by the sun and after a few minutes the night falls, with a lot of stars. Not far away there is the Craft Corner, a workshop where the Master creates works in plaster clay and papier-mâché. To all this is added also the statue of Christ, which is instead located along the road to reach the village, to welcome visitors.