Guided tour to the Benvenuto wine cellar

Audentes, fortuna, iuvat… iuvat (luck) assists the brave, this is the motto of our cellar,
the same that drove the young founder, agronomist and sommelier Giovanni Celeste Benvenuto to return
to his roots,;from Abruzzo he decided to return to Calabria and discover
the Francavilla Angitola terroir, a well-known to ancient writers including the Barrio
and Marafioti that since 1500 wove the praises of the wine produced in this land.
The autochthonous vines grown on terraced hills that descend to the valley floor, from
which dates back a sweet and tangy sea air, the many hours of light given away
optimal exposure and loving care to them revolt, gives the grapes a typical
and unmistakable flavor, full of history full expression of the territory, flavors and fragrances
accompanied and preserved to the basement, where combining the love for innovation
tradition, born of our fine wines, unique and unforgettable.
Francavilla Angitola also known as the land of the dragon, with ancient origins in
its roots in an ancient Greek republic, Crissa; It enjoys a mild climate, mild and temperate
thanks to its location on a hill, very close to a marine shoreline with beaches
Recinte barriers by pine forests and eucalyptus trees that spread around fresh and balmy air;
thanks to the green countryside that surrounds it, the abundance of water and the absence
of industrial pollution.
The mission of the Benvenuto Cellars is to bring to the knowledge of the present day,
an antique and fine wine, unmistakable expression of an enchanting territory
naturally suited to viticulture.
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