Footsteps in the park: walking and mountain-bike excursions in the eco-experiential park of Sila

To walk along the paths of one of the most beautiful national parks in Italy …
Footprints in the Park (Orme nel Parco) is the first eco-experiential park in Calabria, surrounded by a beautiful forest of beech trees of three hectares, in one of the most charming and unspoilt scenery of the Sila National Park, where you can breathe the purest air in Europe.
To access the park, in the days of regular opening, it is not necessary to book. Entrance to the park is free, you pay only the activities that you choose to perform and the services they are entitled, the cost and duration of which may vary.
Footprints in the Park is a tourist enterprise, heretical, Calabria. It has been built and operates since 2008, in Sila; the first Eco-experiential Adventure Park of Calabria began in 2014. It ‘s a responsible and environmentally sustainable enterprise that will appeal to travelers (individuals, small groups and school groups) who seek experiences in close contact with nature and who prefer an active and exciting holiday. Footprints in the Park also promotes hiking trails on foot, mountain biking, snowshoeing and other trekking equipment in all of Calabria.
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