Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria

Renovated, expanded and re-equipped, Palazzo Piacentini in Reggio Calabria has become one of the most impressive archaeological museum centers of Italy (11 thousand square meters). With almost 34 million euro allocated by the Government, and Mibact Region (the first funds date back to the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Italy), the home of the Riace Bronzes has been upgraded and enriched by artifacts have never been exhibited before.
Installed on the ground floor, in the section dedicated to the city, one extraordinary mosaic of three meters by five of the II – III century B.C. .: depicts a gym scene, with pieces in black and white. It was found the day after the earthquake of 1908 in the historic building Garner. In the underground premises the columns of an impressive lapidary are on display for the first time. But above all is the first-ever exhibiting of the Hellenistic catacombs, part of the necropolis discovered in 1932 inside the building during the construction work.
All precious collections, from the Paleolithic to the late Roman period, perfectly restored (jewelery, votive squares, bronze tablets, heads of women and mythological figures, coins and ancient inscriptions), are contained in 230 showcases, accompanied by explanatory texts and video media present all the way up to the fourth floor. Striking the underwater archeology space rich in marine finds. At the entrance, Piazza Giuseppe De Nava, the bookshop and the new Ticket booth.
The bronzes are still on the lower floor of the building, in a room equipped with a special climate control system to prevent corrosion. The seismic bases were made by Enea on the occasion of the return of two bronze warriors at Palazzo Piacentini (moved during the restructuring in the regional council office).
To visit you must cross two decontamination rooms.
The National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria is considered in Europe as one of the most representative museums regarding Magna Grecia, located in Reggio due to Pact for Reggio Calabria and Calabria.
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